The Caledonian Antisyzygy: The Zigzag Experience.

Could it be any more random? Well. Rather than endeavoring to delve into degrees, finely calibrated as they do tend to be, of Randomness…..

If {when} {insert any word or concept} seems to be “almost a zigzag of contradictions…The antithesis need not, however, disconcert us. Perhaps in the very combination of oppositesβ€”what either of the two Thomases, of Norwich and Cromarty, might have been willing to call “the Caledonian antisyzygy”…..”

Perhaps. And under what precise conditions might these Thomases have been “willing”? Well.

Let us continue: “If therefore, Scottish history and life are, as an old northern writer said of something else, ‘varied with a clean contrair spirit’, we need not be surprised to find that in his literature the Scot presents two aspects which appear contradictory. Oxymoron was ever the bravest figure…

I see no reason, at this point, when things suddenly are so clear, at last… insert here a video.

{Followed by…Not.}

The Ween: Captain Fantasy. 𝛿 𝛿
Captain Fantasy: Ween. 𝛿.
Ween: Strap On That Jammypac. ∰ ∰

I’ll Drink These on My Way Out…

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