Right. Explain thyself. Well. I believe this Page’s title says it rather well. This realm…(or blog, as some would say)…admittedly begun as a holding-type area, of sorts, for later incorporation into my more “major” realms…now represents an apotheosis of Immingling-ism. Nobody—and by that, I mean no “thing”, be that “thing” music, or acting, or any damn thing—plays first contrabassoon in these parts. An experiment in quasi-chaos, this is an anything-goes Commixture-ism Zone of the Uppermost Echelons. Heino?? Check. The Paul Bettany/Ted Kaczynski/T.S. Eliot Triumvirate?? Oh, yeah. Secretariat by 31 lengths? Please.

Boyle is homing in on it. Oh, do not ask: What Is It. Oh, heck, if you must. But!! The response you receive might, at first glance {which is all that is given, for the most part…}, seem to partake of the arcane. One does also employ Cledonism, when called for.

Life can be a struggle, at times. But. We possess the advantage in agility, and diction. I conclude with a fellow poΓ¨te maudit, Charles Baudelaire, and his thoughts/ruminations on Explaining.But, on second thought, doesn’t it seem obvious that this would be a quite superfluous undertaking for everyone concerned since those are the minds that already know or guess and the rest will never understand? And moreover, my best, my supreme reason is that it annoys and bores me.