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No Country for Old Men {2007}.

No Country for Old Men, a 2007 existential noir western thriller by Joel and Ethan Coen, examines the dilemma of Llewelyn Moss {Josh Brolin}, who somewhat inadvertently ends up in the crosshairs of, among others, sociopathic assassin/operative Anton Chigurh {Javier Bardem}, a most singular character with a ruthless code and nihilism to spare. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell {Tommy Lee Jones} wants to help Moss, but, though plenty savvy and resourceful, he realizes with the likes of Chigurh, whom he wryly and despairingly describes as a ghost, he’s in over his head; he’s dealing with a new kind of human. New, yet as old and implacable as the unforgiving landscape.

It is the uncanny accomplishment of the Coens to have rendered an extraordinarily nuanced environment where everything means something, yet nothing means anything. The interface of chance and inevitability is front and center.

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Stairs to Nowhere.

A bit of existentialism. Martin Rak accounts for the top three images; then Alper Γ‡ukor for the succeeding five. Michel Rajkovic has two more, Shane Lyman one, and the final three are unknown. Fittingly.

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Five-O {The Hawaii}: Part 3.

The great Barry Bonamo, V for Vashon, Blind Tiger, and (arguably) The Most Existential Moment in Human History are featured.

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Oh, No…Abandoned Areas of Doom.

Areas of Doom, for 200. Perhaps not exactly qualifying as ideal locations in which to find oneself.

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Viewing the Morning with Much Alarm.


Noted flΓ’neur, ombudsman, prose stylist, enigmatic recluse, photographer, and soi-disant “Towering genius” Matt Leahy is doing something, something the inner (or outer) machinations of which we can only, well, sit drooling in slack-jawed bamboozlement. At. Yes, “at”. For starters. Call him {me}… αΌˆΟΟ‡Ξ―Ξ»ΞΏΟ‡ΞΏΟ‚ .