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Chicago. Featuring Terry Kath.

The era of guitar great Terry Kath was tragically short-lived. Chicago was never quite the same after Kath’s accidental death. Even Jimi Hendrix lauded the guitarist. Check out his extraordinary solo on 25 or 6 to 4.

After Terry Kath’s death, Donnie Dacus assumed lead guitar duties, and performed admirably. He can be seen in action on I’ve Been Searching For So Long, a memorable Peter Cetera showpiece. The song was written by trombonist James Pankow.

The band encompasses many styles, and pieces from their body of work are often sublime. Cetera and keyboardist/vocalist Robert Lamm, along with Kath and drummer Danny Seraphine, were the core elements. In addition, their horn section is legendarily renowned. In short, they can get the job done for ya.

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