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A Retrospective: Roger Federer.

What with Roger Federer‘s departure from the 2020 Australian Open, let us look back at some of the Swiss maestro’s finer moments from earlier AO’s, when his unparallelled feline movement {coupled with his trademark magical racket head control} was unhampered, allowing him to dictate or defend, as few {if any} have ever done. Federer had an uncanny ability to defang even opponents with the most lethal of arsenals, as he would glide along {or above} the court, using his exquisite timing, imagination, and power to assume command of the point, and strike winner after unbelievable winner. Almost always he seemed to be playing offense, controlling play. Against Novak Djokovic, an aging and injured Fed soldiered on, with “maybe a 3% chance” {his words}. But according to his greatest rival, Rafael Nadal, “When he’s 100 percent, he’s playing in another league. It’s impossible to stop him.”

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