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Jazz Titan: Sonny Rollins.

Tenor saxophone colossus Theodore WalterSonnyRollins is responsible for a great many of the most monumental jazz tracks ever produced. With John Coltrane, he’s unquestionably at the top of the mountain as far as tenor sax is concerned. As an interpreter of ballads, he remains unsurpassed. Those included here are dramatic, monumental. Given the apparent relaxation with which Sonny plays, the cliff-hanging tension he creates is uncanny. His work with calypso material was groundbreaking. Presented here is but a minute offering from the great man’s catalogue. A premier pantheon inhabitant.

2 replies on “Jazz Titan: Sonny Rollins.”

During the first year our annual jazz festival, l had the utmost honor to have introduced Sonny Rollins to the Eastman Theatre stage in my hometown of Rochester, New York. Needless to say, this was a highlight in my jazz radio career. After his concert he graciously did an interview with me. The jazz world is truly blessed to have Sonny Rollins in it! God bless you Sonny.

— Host of Artistry in Jazz with Tom Pethic on WGMC in Rochester, New York

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