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An Enigma Inspired: Nick Kyrgios.

A talent of otherworldly proportions, Nick Kyrgios has thusfar in his career been held in check only by his mentality, which is perhaps of an unfathomable nature. His apparently never-ending drama of the psyche notwithstanding, the Aussie’s awesome power coupled with exquisite touch, when clicking on all cylinders, is thrilling, and seems unbeatable. The GuardianΒ has described his playing style as “powerfully flamboyant, sometimes ridiculously-brilliant game, which is something to behold.” And, as of the current moment, in the 2020 Australian Open, his oft-quirky {and sometimes downright bizarre} mindset seems focused and solid, more or less. What will the future hold for Mr. Kyrgios?

In 2017, the ATP rated Kygrios as the fifth best server in the history of professional tennis – with better results than players such as Roger Federer, Goran IvaniΕ‘eviΔ‡, and Pete Sampras. IvaniΕ‘eviΔ‡ has said β€œ[Kygrios] is a tennis genius. You can’t prepare for Nick Kygrios, he is the best server in the game by far. It’s impossible to create tactics [against him].”

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